Saturday, 13 August 2016


Yea, You heard Me right.
Salary is a bondage, that's My candid opinion. I worked in  an establishment that paid on the 11th day of every Month.
And once  a new Month is entered and We approach the 2nd Week, People begin to look/get excited.
Questions of "have You gotten alert" begins to rend the air.
Colleagues that seldom talk to You begin acting nice, just to ask if You've received Yours.
I won't lie, I was also excited as the 11th approached.
But My excitement was short lived!
I found out I still had a long Month after My Salary was gone, which took a maximum of 2 Weeks to happen.
Not that I would call Myself extravagant. No, not at all.
I thought this occurrence was peculiar to Me, till I took a Survey of a good number of My Colleagues, both Male & Female.
They answered in the affirmation. And some told Me My Salary even lasts longer than theirs.
Jeez! So what was the excitement all about then?
Your Salary 'finishing' meant that You couldn't walk into a mall and make purchases without making at least a Mental list, if not a Physical one.
Because if You do not make that list, You go hear am *tongue out*
It means You may have to forfeit an asoebi or use some clothe You made previously for that Wedding coming up.
It meant that You couldn't help out a Friend Who is sincerely in need, because You are in need Yourself!
It meant a whole lot of things for different sets of People.
Amongst those things, was the Psychological trauma that accompanies the experience of not having enough, though You don't squander money and You believe You work hard.
And the fear of uncertainty. You know that moment when the unexpected happens. Or a good opportunity to acquire something You've always wanted comes up and You claim You no longer want it...
I could go on & on.
Not to talk of some States in Nigeria, where Your Salary is no longer Your right but 'a  privilege, as I heard o.
And I heard that this 'privilege' could be with held for several Months to a Year or even more.
Unbelievable, right?
And that's how People keep on living. From Month to Month. And the Months roll into Years. Till its over 20 years down the line. Or even 35 years.
 And wham!
Retirement knocks on the door. The dreaded 'R' word that depicts negativity for majority of the Nigerian Masses.
This phenomenon has kept Me wondering. It got to a point, that once I get 'alert', I go begin dey vex.
Because I don calculate everything wey the money go do. And the one wey go remain till the next Pay day.
Then I began giving Myself brain o.
Because there's  no need crying over spilt milk abi?
I began to look inwards. I started looking out for innate abilities that could fetch money. I started browsing the Internet, in search of Articles, Opportunities, etc.
Then gradually, My mind began to change.
I was still in the same Organization but its walls no longer restricted Me.
I began seeing My life, My Finances,My Dreams, etc beyond that place.
Gradually, I began to lose sight of 'Salary' or 'alert'. Not because I was already making big money from My Side Gigs, but because I had opened My heart to possibilities beyond what Salary could ever afford Me.
My journey into Entrepreneurship had started.
And there was no looking back.
Because I had started on the pathway that led to Growth, Fulfilment, and yes, much more bucks potentially, than My Salary could ever give Me!
Colleagues couldn't place a hand on why I had suddenly developed an indifferent attitude towards the Salary...
Byee & Enjoy Your Sunday!

Sunday, 31 July 2016


They are here.
Everywhere. Most of the times.
Your ability to recognize them can leave You better off or worse off.

I am talking of nothing other than Opportunities. And it takes more than mere eyes to recognize them.
It takes a mix of an Open Mind, the Desire to succeed, the ability to move with the Trends, Hard work, Ingenuity, Consistency, etc, to recognize opportunities & achieve the attendant  success.  
 Midas Empire will keep You abreast of life changing Opportunities daily! 
Midas Empire will inspire You to turn these opportunities to GOLD.
WELCOME to My Blog!!!